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Nylon engineering plastics for automobiles

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Nylon (PA) is an important general engineering plastics varieties, production and consumption has long been a source of lead engineering plastics, automobile is one of the biggest PA application market, because the world auto lig...

Nylon (PA) is an important general engineering plastics varieties, production and consumption has long been a source of lead engineering plastics, automobile is one of the biggest PA application market, because the world auto lightweight and the trend of reducing costs, auto parts required ability of high and low temperature, oil resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance and mechanical properties, achieve saving energy and reducing consumption, improve the speed and improve the appearance and comfort, reduce costs, and many other goals. PA (mainly PA modified mixing material) can well satisfy these requirements, PA resin factory, mixing LiaoChang, processing plants (including mold factory) and cooperate factory continuously developed to improve performance and processability, application specific goals of all kinds of mixing materials, products, carpet of very active and fruitful research and development work, promoting the car industry and the nylon engineering plastics industry sustainable development forward.

PA is widely used in automobiles

Automobile is an important and rapidly growing market for plastics. PA has good comprehensive performance, low density, easy to shape, great freedom of design, insulation, and significant advantages in mold and assembly costs. PA not only has high tensile strength, excellent impact performance, high thermal deformation temperature, high heat resistance, low friction coefficient, excellent wear resistance, self-lubrication, oil resistance and chemical resistance, but also is especially suitable for glass fiber or other materials to fill and enhance the material performance and grade, to meet the needs of final components and customers. Current PA phyletic and various automotive products, such as the radiator box, front grille, heater, radiator panel, steering column cover, tail lampshade, adsorption tank, timing gear cover, fan blades, all kinds of gear, radiator water room, air filter shell, intake manifold, control switch, air intake duct, the vacuum connecting pipe, air bags, electrical instrument shell, wiper, pump impeller, bearings, bushings, valve seat, door handle, wheel cover, etc., all in all, involved in automobile engine parts, electrical parts, body parts and parts of the airbag, etc. Among them, the automobile parts under the engine cover use the most, which is due to the development of miniaturization and lightweight, the engine room volume is reduced and the temperature is increased, which requires the parts under the engine cover to be more high-temperature resistant. However, PA can fully meet the above requirements through modification. Industry analysts say PA components are not only protective but also aesthetic.

In PA, the amount of PA6 and PA66 takes the absolute first place, accounting for more than 90% of the total amount, which is also the case in automobile application. In addition, due to their good softness, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, low temperature toughness, abrasion resistance, water resistance and dimensional stability, PA11 and PA12 are widely used in automobile oil pipelines, brake pipes, brake pads, oil tank housing, hydraulic containers and other aspects, which are the main application fields of PA11 and PA12.

PA new brand and its application

Car with PA brand is given priority to with modification with blending, filling, enhance brand consumption is large, and with other toughening resin alloy, EPDM or POE and add various additives to improve and improve the flame retardancy, lubricity, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, water absorption and electrical property and processing performance of brand, more outstanding new products in recent years to improve liquidity, heat resistance, halogen free flame retardant resin and functional new mixing material.

High mobility brands not only improve production efficiency and reduce processing costs, another important role is to improve the appearance of automotive parts and surface quality.

Mix with high fluidity

The development direction of new plastic materials is to improve performance, reduce cost and benefit the environment (including the utilization of biological resources and recycling). To reduce cost and user goal is always the raw material factory, some large PA manufacturers with rapid prototyping PA brand, without reducing performance, shorten the molding time, reduce the processing and total production cost, which are employed in the automotive industry's famous product is France Rhodia's PA TechnylStar semi crystalline type, is considered a landmark of nylon, used the unique aggregation and mixing technology, the new PA for a highly branched, like star of linear structure, excellent processability, appearance beautiful, Especially glass fiber and inorganic filler brand of liquidity than the PA6 resin on the basis of the mixing material is much better, 30% lower injection molding pressure, molding time shortened by 10%, the molding temperature also fell sharply, injection molding machine clamping force can be reduced by half, so do in Europe has been increasingly used in large plate type parts, more than 15 kinds of applications, including automobile engine hood, intake manifold, oil barrel lining, distributor and decoration parts.

Holland DSM company developed the second generation of high liquidity reinforced PA6 brand Akulon Ultraflow, toughness is higher than the first generation product, liquidity than ordinary reinforced PA6 Akulon 80% (according to the length of the spiral flow), the molding time is short, means that the surface quality of the products is high, even glass fiber content up to 60% of the resin products look well, thinning hood thickness from 3.2 mm to 2.5 mm, under the hood for car parts, assembly, door handles, mirror cover, etc.

Zytel ST801A of Du Pont, USA, Ultramid B3WGM24 of BASF, Germany, CM1017 XL3 of tori, Japan and CM3006 LSP are all high-speed molding brands improved on the original ones.